Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I won a prize and I got to go to the Miniature Fair.

Last weekend I got to go to the ACTME miniatures show in Canberra. There were lots of goodies to choose from. I was very carefull and didn't go to crazy (though it was very tempting).

The little pot of daffodils is hand made and is perfect for the front stairs of Mum's shop.

Both the rolling pin and board are hand made. How cute is the rolling pin. My mum had a real size marble rolling pin just like this.

Mini bag and hat for the lady of the house.

Last month I won a beautiful prize from Katrina. You can read her great blog at
Thanks again Katrina.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Memory Of Poppy.

Just over a week ago our beloved great dane "Poppy" died from a back injury. Yes it is the Poppy who my blog is named after. Poppy was the first great dane we have ever rescued after being given up for adoption because of her size. Poppy was a wonderful dog, who came to us with many issues.

Poppy was very scared of men and with time grew to trust Shane and I. We feel that she may have been abused by her previous owners which would account for why she was so scared of most people. The abuse she suffered also might account for her back injuries. She loved Shane and I and would always come up for a pat.

She was a great dog who gave us a few years of wondeful memories to keep.

The top photo is of Poppy in her favourite position, up side down!

Poppy lying on the front veranda.

I will miss Poppy terribly.