Friday, June 29, 2012

Lots of Luck.

 Recently I've had a run of luck on the giveaway front. I recently won some lovely Jubilee gifts from Four Little Walls. Sorry for the terrible photo, it doesn't give the gifts justice. I particularly like the little bottle of Moet.
 These lovely gifts are from Jazzi at a fellow Aussie that makes all these great things herself. This finally gives me a reason to start on a modern dollhouse as well.
These lovely gifts are from Steinworks I love the fish, chips and hamburgers. I hope to put these in the Deli that I made for my mum last Christmas.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

La Belle Brigante Giveaway.

 I am so excited about what the postman bought for me today. A little while ago I won the surprise giveaway from  Margot has made a beautiful mini doll, made from scratch in 18th Century style. He is absolutely perfect and every detail is wonderful. I love his hair, his little coat and his super cute boots. He is fabulous! I hope now that the future owner (1/12th doll) that lives in my miniature house will be as fantastically dressed as he is.

 Thank you Margot for such a beautiful giveaway. He is sure to become one of my favourite things in my new house