Sunday, November 18, 2012

You can find miniatures everywhere

On the weekend I was lucky to go into the city (Sydney) to see the Musical "Legally Blonde" at the Lyric Theatre. On the way to the theatre there were many beautiful (out of my price range) high end shops.

In the window of Chanel was this beautiful little snow globe. At first I had thought it was just part of their window display and I thought 'How clever...I wonder if a miniaturist made these?'
But no, they are available to buy...part of their 2012 Christmas gift collection....I still want one..but I don't have the $$$$ oh well. Perhaps I can make something similar?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yes I like Blue and White...

 Yes I am slightly obsessed with blue and white porcelain. So again I  have purchased some more Reutter Porcelain. The little juicer isn't Reutter but it goes with my mini kitchen's theme of blue and white.

Thanks go out to my Mum who purchased the Chrysnbon canister set for me.
 No progress on the Victorian house this week. I have though been working on my entry for the  "Call of the Small Cubebot Challenge" I don't normally make modern things but it has been a fun challenge so far. I'll post some photos when I've sent my entry in.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I went to the Fair and ....

 Last Sunday my Mum and I went to a local doll, bear and miniatures fair. I was going to see if they had many miniature stores or not. Unfortunately there were only two, but one of them was one of my favourite shops for minis. I bought a couple of things which I'll show in my next post. (Including something for my next give-away)

My Mum and I were about to leave when we were told if we stayed for five minutes they would have a lucky door draw. So we did. They called out the winning number....was it ours????....NO. Oh well..But after a couple of minutes no one had come forward.....would it be ours this time???.....YES... We won!!!
So Mum and I hit the stalls and bought this little house. I had always admired "The Summer House" by "The Dolls House Emporium".

 These photos show a dry fit. The parts go together pretty smoothly. I have already given it an undercoat and have began thinking about colours. Any ideas?

Has anyone used this kit before? I'd love to see any pictures to give me an idea of what to create.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beautiful Gifts from PuNo's Minis.

I recently won some beautiful gifts from Monika. I was so happy when I received them and have been hoping to blog about them since. The tiny shoes are fabulous. It always amazes me that people can put such detail into something so small. Thanks Monika, I will treasure them always.