Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Starting to Look Like A Shop!

My boyfriend has been extra busy during the last few weeks helping me to pull together the shop room box.

I have probably planned and made this a little backwards. Firstly I bought or created the major shop fittings. Then I created a paper template to scale of each shop fitting and then made another paper template of the shop size to fit all the bits and pieces. In the photo you will notice some of the purchased fridges and the unpainted shop counter.

The windows are yet to be framed but they should match the profile of the door. The bricks (which are real terracotta, too cute!) have been glued on and will be grouted soon. I love the look of the terracotta but unfortunately the shop that this shop is based on has painted bricks.

The rear window is double hung and does work. I plan to add some non-opening rear doors but they are yet to go in.

Two walls are missing (not glued in) They will separate the front of the shop from the shop kitchen.

The timber for the shop is mdf. After some research on the internet we chose it as it was relatively easy to cut (we could even use a hand saw) and it takes paint well (however we are planning to seal it with a "primer, sealer and undercoat" paint.