Monday, June 10, 2013

The Real World.

I have been absent from blogging for a couple of weeks for a "Real World" reason. Two weeks ago I got home to find my great dane Indy very sick. I was completely unsure of what had happened to her but she was barking and growling at me (which was very, very unusual) She seemed to also have lost her sight. After a rush to the vet, many things were ruled out including snake bite and poisoning. ( In Australia we have some very poisonous snakes and I have found several in our yard over the past few years) It ends up that Indy now suffers from seizures. Seeing any animal when they are sick is horrible and not knowing what to do is awful. After a very horrible weekend of seizures we thought we would have to make "the decision". We thought we should take her to the vet again and get his opinion. It ended up that Indy made a miraculous recovery (She even has her eyesight back!!!Amazing). She seems to be responding well to her new medication and we have changed our routines to fit into her medication regime. I know that I am very lucky to have a bit more time with her and will cherish the days and hopefully months that I'll get with her. Indy is turning eight this year, which for most dogs is young. But for a great dane...its old age...

During all the mayhem with Indy I received a late...late...late Christmas present. A voucher for a local home improvement store. I decided to get a Dremel kit to go with my Dremel. It has many items that could be used for many mini applications. I'm very interested in the carving attachment and wonder what I could use it for.

My last picture is of Indy with her new toy. I'm not sure how long Monkey will last. Usually Indy would destroy a soft toy in minutes. She also has problems with eating pillows and cushions. This toy has lasted a day. I'll give you an update soon...poor monkey.

So everybody, go give your cat or dog (or whatever or whoever is your pal) a great big hug or pat. Animals have such short lives, but they are so worth having as part of our lives!