Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Easter!

Anastasia's Dreams Easter Basket.
 I hope everybody is getting ready for a fabulous Easter break. I have been incredibly busy over the past couple of months so my dollhouse has come to a standstill.

One thing I was able to do was attend the ACT Miniature Enthusiasts show. I didn't go crazy at the fair…even though there was lots of tempting products. I thought I'd save my money for the Sydney Miniature Fair in May.

 I did buy a couple of small items. The first photo is a small basket with easter eggs. So cute! It's from miniature food maker Anastasia Grogan. ( She had several lovely food items to choose from. Yum Yum.

My second item is a fern. I was unsure of the maker's name but I think it's Dianne Cotterill. (Any reader who did attend the fair, can you let me know if this is correct?) This is the third plant that I have purchased from the same seller. (Anyone remember the daffodils and iris?) I love the detail of the tiny "babies" that the fern has….a nice detail.
These were a gift with purchase….all ready for Christmas.

I also purchased an item for an experiment. After much research I had decided to do a trial of Magic Brik for the basement. I really, really, really wanted to use real stone from Richard Stacey

Unfortunately due to the enormous amount of square inches I need to cover I was looking at nearly $1800 just for the stone. That wasn't including the postage. They are such a beautiful product, and I am so disappointed, but, when making dollhouses you still have a budget!

So I'm going to try Magic brick with a cement type paint product. I will try a small sample before fully committing to it. If anyone has any suggestions for a brick/stone finish or links to ideas please let me know.

 My last photo today is of the newest member of my family. Many of my readers might remember that my beautiful great dane Indy died last December. After much discussion with my boyfriend we decided to have a break from great danes. Don't get me wrong. I love them…they are probably my favourite breed. But the fact is you get such a short time with them. Most make it to 8, if you are very lucky they make it to 10.

So with all this is mind, we went with a very different breed altogether. Introducing Ksenia (Kenzi) the Border Terrier. Kenzi is our first Border terrier so we are learning heaps about the breed. She is full of beans…..all of the time! She is a chewer of all things…so you need to keep your miniature collection in a very high place!

Here is a list of her favourite chewables:
Baby wipes
Hair ties
Paper towel
Pens and pencils
Plant tags (especially the really important ones that show my Mum where her rare bulbs are located!)
Blue pegs (really does only eat blue ones!)
Bread bag tags
tea towels
Apple TV remote (it's perfectly bite size!)
Skirting board corners (this is her latest treat!)
Duck poo!
Thong (You would call this a flip flop in the USA)

So as you can imagine….she has turned the house upside down. Fun Times!
Kenzi came to us from a Breeder in Tasmania. So we think she probably has a bit of the Tasmanian Devil in her!

Well have a great Easter everyone. Talk Soon IndyPoppy