Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lavender Gifts.

Recently I was lucky enough to have won some lovely gift from Annie's blog Annie made these awesome lavender themed miniatures and I am so delighted to have won.

(You can find her miniatures for sale at

Thank you Annie for the lovely gifts... I so wish my Victorian house was finished so that I could show them in it. As you can see from my second photo, it is far from finished. You might be wondering why is it partially painted? Well, from reading other peoples blogs, many people have suggested to paint the wood before you wallpaper so that it adheres better. This was going to be my approach but after reading about other bloggers use of illustration board I might try that first.

On another note I have a question for people with knowledge of miniature shops in the UK and France. My Mum is going to be visiting the UK and France in the next few months and has been wanting for me to find out what shops she could visit in order to bring me back something for the dollhouse. I have mentioned to her before about the great things I find online followed by my disappointment that the seller does not post to Australia (or charges the equivalent of 3 times the item cost to post it). Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I particularly want Victorian themed things.

Thanks to everyone for the positive comments about the Phoenix range. It's in the shed having it's second coat of paint. My boyfriend has been painting up a storm in there! I must be becoming a predictable miniaturist though as his last thing he said to me when I was heading out to the shed was..."If your going in there your not to touch it!" How did he know that I wasn't just going outside to get the clothes out of the dryer?..he he

Have a great day. IndyPoppy

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A kit comes together.

After a bit of persuasion my boyfriend started constructing my "Phoenix Kitchener". I watched eagerly as each piece went together and was so excited as each tiny detail was added. Ok so I was probably a little too excited and drove my boyfriend crazy saying things like "oh look at the tiny tap" and "I think this bit should go there".

 I forgot to mention in my last post that I have also purchased some "coals" that will be connected to my lighting system.

We have started painting the kit and have found that using automotive spray paint seems to work well. When I install the range I will have to make a back for the range. The area behind the ovens will need to be black to mimic the range. I will also need to make a brick back for the area above the coals.

This purchase again has inspired me to look into other kits available. Look out eBay!!!!!
Hopefully in my next post I can show you the painted kit.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Biggest purchase so far.

 Hello Everyone.
Over the past few months I have been making some decisions about the interior of my Victorian Dollhouse. I had been putting most of my focus on the kitchen. I had previously purchased a stove that I thought I'd put in in but after doing some research I found it would be more suitable for a 1920's house.

I'm sure, like most miniaturists, I've been focusing on the details...things like working doors, are a must for me. After some research I found the range I wanted.

I found "The Phoenix Kitchener". This range comes in a white-metal kit that you glue together and then paint. I'm planning to paint it with matt black paint to try and make it as realistic as possible.
As you can see there are lots of parts (Lots and lots and lots!) But I have had a quick dry run at putting it together and it seems to go pretty quickly together.

Of course having looked at it, it has inspired me to "add" to my dollhouse. It's going to be a big "add" though. I've decided that my dollhouse needs a proper basement with servants quarters. I've been brainstorming some ideas and had a look at lots of images and have come up with a plan. It means adding possibly an extra 2-3 rooms to my house which means I have 15 rooms to decorate....(What am I getting my self into???)

I'm also adding an external chimney to make it even more realistic. (The Kitchener should fit in it nicely!)
On today's post I have also included some photo's of my purchases from the ACTME fair in Canberra.

Little Metal Trainset
Miniature Theatre for the children's room.
 Probably not at all victorian but cute plane.
Handmade fan.

Did anyone else attend this fair? There were lots of items to choose from. As I was thinking of purchasing the range, I didn't purchase much but was very impressed by the displays.

On another note I've noticed today that I'm up to 199 followers. Looks like I better start thinking of a giveaway to celebrate 200...

Have a great day..IndyPoppy