Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lavender Gifts.

Recently I was lucky enough to have won some lovely gift from Annie's blog Annie made these awesome lavender themed miniatures and I am so delighted to have won.

(You can find her miniatures for sale at

Thank you Annie for the lovely gifts... I so wish my Victorian house was finished so that I could show them in it. As you can see from my second photo, it is far from finished. You might be wondering why is it partially painted? Well, from reading other peoples blogs, many people have suggested to paint the wood before you wallpaper so that it adheres better. This was going to be my approach but after reading about other bloggers use of illustration board I might try that first.

On another note I have a question for people with knowledge of miniature shops in the UK and France. My Mum is going to be visiting the UK and France in the next few months and has been wanting for me to find out what shops she could visit in order to bring me back something for the dollhouse. I have mentioned to her before about the great things I find online followed by my disappointment that the seller does not post to Australia (or charges the equivalent of 3 times the item cost to post it). Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I particularly want Victorian themed things.

Thanks to everyone for the positive comments about the Phoenix range. It's in the shed having it's second coat of paint. My boyfriend has been painting up a storm in there! I must be becoming a predictable miniaturist though as his last thing he said to me when I was heading out to the shed was..."If your going in there your not to touch it!" How did he know that I wasn't just going outside to get the clothes out of the dryer?..he he

Have a great day. IndyPoppy


  1. Hello Indy Poppy! Your doll's house is quite lovely and it has some very nice spaces to it from the outside. I would love for more close up shots to get a better idea of the space inside and the plans that you have in mind. How about a little tour in the near future? Your lavender from Annie is very pretty and you are one lucky girl!


  2. I think your Victorian house will be gorgeous when it's finished. I love this style. In my own house I primed and wallpapered the walls. But in a future project, I will perhaps use illustration board too. I think it has many advantages.I hope you will find lots of Victorian miniatures for your house!

  3. Se ven unas minis muy bonitas. La plantita de lavanda es una verdadera monería.

  4. Congratulations on your lovely gift. It is so annoyance and a shame that shipping is so expensive.
    I hope your mother will find some lovely shops and have bought some good minis home for you.

  5. muchas felicidades por ese precioso regalo, en ocasiones esta aficion se contagia a los seres querios o que tenemos alrededor , siento no poder ayudarte con lo de las tiendas



  6. This gorgeous blog

    Has this site, which I think is a shop in Paris.


  7. You were very lucky :) I'll visit these shops!

  8. You're very lucky to have won these treasures.
    Your house looks amazing.
    Bye, Faby

  9. Belli i regali che hai ricevuto e la tua casa si sta realizzando proprio bene! un saluto Manu

  10. Congrats on the lovely gifts. Very "Springy"!
    And the stove looks great too!
    Best Wishes,

  11. Wonderful gifts! Great work so far on the house, its a looong process a lot of love means a lot of time ;)

    The only way I could think of getting the items, would be via a 3rd party? Know anyone that can resend? You might have to calculate the cost but maybe that would work?


  12. Congratulations on your wonderful prize. Your house looks great I am looking forward to seeing more. The stove in your last post is fantastic.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Complimenti per i regali sono meravigliosi! La tua casetta ha davvero una bella struttura, hai già scelto un colore?
    Un bacio

    1. Hi Mely,
      I haven't picked a colour yet. It has timber weatherboards (siding) that I have yet to add. I think its going to be very hard to pick. Any suggestions?

  14. The prize looks so great! I'm sure you'll find some good use for it! Maybe in your upcoming project? The house is so nice. I love the style.