Saturday, October 27, 2012

Progress on the Victorian House

 We made a bit more progress on the house this week. The tower is now glued and nailed to the extension. The roof is on and we are about to start on the front panels. We have made our first discovery of a missing piece which ended up being pieces this week. The front left panel for the main part of the house is missing, luckily there are very detailed drawings so we can remake this piece. Two additional pieces are missing from the gable. So a little disappointing but a least they can be remade.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Victorian House has started!!!!

 Yes I am super excited. We have finally started my Victorian House. (Remember I received this great kit at Easter)

So far things are going together fairly easy. The house has a tower extension that at this stage is not attached to the house. I have to admit we made one mistake so far. We put the door openings that go into the tower in the wrong place. We had a slight panic but we think it will work with not too much problems.

 The first floor partition walls are also going to need changing. (This time not our fault but the kit manufactures) If we keep the walls where they are on the kit the window surrounds will need to be trimmed and will look wrong.....its funny they actually made the same mistake in our real house so all the architraves had to be trimmed down...does look strange to one else has noticed. Its funny how your real life home can impact on your mini choices.

I am loving having the tower. Two decent sized rooms with a bonus mini room at the top. I thought that room would be a perfect observatory room...I just need the telescope!

I haven't put any windows in the right side of the house. They are in the kit, ready to go but I'm not sure about them. I'm thinking that this end of the house will have a chimney...and the windows would get in the way. Any suggestions? I thought I could have a properly built in stove if I do this. Does anyone have any good tutorials out there for chimneys?

Anyway...I know its just the beginning and there is lots to do ...its a good start.

Monday, October 1, 2012

My First Etsy Purchases.

 I have been drooling over the many fabulous miniatures available from Etsy  and finally decided to take the plunge and buy something. Ok so I got a little carried away. (Originally I thought I'd buy one, maybe two plates in total.) But why buy one when you can buy more! The purchases all came from you can also find her blog at

My first purchase was for my Mum. I'm yet to figure out if I should make a mini room box or diorama for these. My Mum has been collecting real life Royal Albert Old Country Roses since I was little. I'm almost sure that she has nearly every piece available. But at last I have found her something that she doesn't have, 1/12th scale.

I have been collecting blue and white real life scale plates for a few years and love the different scenes on them. So of course I thought my Victorian house would need some also.

The turkey platter is a little different to the others but I love it for many reasons. When I was growing up each Christmas my family would insist on a hot baked turkey and roast pork dinner. If you know anything about Australia in summer you know its hot!  So a hot dinner on a 35 degree day is a silly idea. Anyway each year this turkey plate would turn up covered in meat. I think the actual plate has been gone for a long time but this tiny plate will remind me of all those hot dinners and of course great memories.