Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Presents Galore!

Heidi Ott Pram. 

After my Mum's trip to England earlier in the year, I have developed an (unhealthy?) obsession with Heidi Ott items. As my birthday and Christmas are very close together Mum said "Here have some $$ for some dollhouse items." Anyway, after putting off making any decision to pretty much the last minute, I chose some items from the Heidi Ott catalogue, and began my internet search. I really wanted to buy them here (Australia) but found it incredibly difficult to find anything in stock. So my search went international. I ended up purchasing my items from I was really pleased with how quickly they got here. I ordered on the 20th of Dec, about 13 days. That's fast considering how many public holidays we have had. Everything made it in one piece too! The elephants that normally beat up my packages must be on holidays! :)

 Now this has to be my favourite item, I have been drooling over this little train for at least 2 years. The reason being I have a pretty close match to it in O gauge.
 This photo is of my "toy" O gauge vintage Hornby (Thanks to my boyfriend.....a Christmas pressie from a few years ago) It's clockwork...and magnificent. It is a bit of a pain to set up....and for the photo I only replicated the amount of track that came with the mini version. In the centre you can just see the miniature version.

 The clockwork key with mini version. Sneeze and I might lose the key! The Aussie $2 coin is pretty small itself. ( A strange oddity about Australian coins are that the smaller the coin is the greater the value (this applies to the "gold" ones)
It even has a miniature "Fat Controller" (Thomas the Tank Engine!) He is lying down on the job! (very difficult to stand up)
 The trains together gives you a little idea of just how tiny the train set is.
 "Toot Toot"

 Another purchase was to add to my bedroom set. It's the dressing table and chair.

Lastly an item for the music room. A rather large harp.

Well it's back to the catalogues for me. Is it too Early to think about presents for next year? Nah!!!

Thanks Mum and T for my presents. Yes I will be annoying you latter to show you them!

So followers, what great mini gifts did you get this year? Or what treats did you buy for yourself?