Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A gift from Papua New Guinea plus a trip.

 Last Friday I flew from Sydney to Brisbane to meet my boyfriend who was returning from a work trip to Papua New Guinea. We spent the weekend looking a few local attractions before returning home on Sunday night.

I hadn't been to Brisbane since visiting the World Expo in 1988. Many years ago (I was in primary school at the time...he he)

On Saturday we took a ferry on the Brisbane river (unfortunately we didn't get to go on the paddle steamer...maybe next time) to South Bank. When we got there we were very suprised to find that they were  holding their annual "Buddha Birthday Festival" There was lots of things to see and do including a vegetarian food extravaganza. (I've never have seen so much veggie food) It was a shame that we had eaten so much earlier in a day as my boyfriend is a vegetarian and it is often incredibly hard to find nice foods for him when we eat out.

This picture shows the detail of one of the attractions at South Bank. This building was donated by Nepal to Brisbane after the Expo 88. I wish I could show you more as every part was hand carved. It was full of tourists all trying to take pictures so I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing without having 20 people in it. (This would be fabulous in 1/12th scale, but I can imagine 1000's of hours of carving)
Picture of the Buddha Birth Day Festival.

Vegetarian Stores.
Ice Cream  with a difference. I'd never had this before. Apparently its made with dried ice.

 This is a picture of my gift I received from my boyfriend from Papua New Guinea. I was so excited to receive it. Why a doll you may ask?...She's not dollhouse size? Well, I'm a teacher and I'm always looking for interesting things to use with my students. Last time my boyfriend bought me back some PNG currency and a Bilum (woven bag). This time he bought the doll. I'm hoping that I can now find a picture book to go with the doll as well. I love the fact that she is hand made and hand sewn. I've found that my students always get excited about an object that has a story to go with it (Even more exciting if it's from "far away")
 While I was at the Buddha festival I also found this wonderful marionette puppet. (I would love to make one in 1/12th for my dollhouse) I have a small collection of puppets and might show some pictures of them in future posts.
Now that my boyfriends back in Australia. I hope to do some more work on my Dollhouse. Or should I say....I hope he helps me with the dollhouse :)