Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Swap.

 Happy Easter everyone.
Over the last few weeks I have been making some miniatures for my first attempt at a swap. Fabiola from organised this swap and I thought it would be lots of fun.

My first swap partner was Doortje from
Rdoortjes Minis. I received a mixture of items some that can be used for diy and others that are ready to go. The little basket is adorable and the bear looks good enough to eat.

 My other partner was Maribel  from Miniaturas Isabel. Her gifts included many items for the lady of the house. Don't they look good on the Chaise Lounge?

The lovely Chaise Lounge is my prize from Modernist Molly's Minis.  I was lucky enough to recently win her Valentines Giveaway. The prize was a lounge of your choice. As I do not have a modern dollhouse (not yet anyway) I thought a chaise would be a great choice to put in my Victorian Dollhouse. She also included some printies and flowers. They are lovely gifts.
Thanks again to my swap partners and for the giveaway. Lovely things just in time for Easter.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Now for something BIG!!!

In Australia not only are we obsessed by miniatures we like to make really big things. We have big Pineapples, bananas, rocking horses and prawns. If you have a chance have a look at Wikipedia and you will get an idea of how many we have.

I live a short drive away from one of  the most interesting ones (in my opinion).
The Big Merino was built in 1985 as a celebration of the Goulburn (NSW) Districts wool industry. It was a very popular landmark but suffered a decline when the city of Goulburn was bypassed.In 2007 they moved "Rambo" (his local nickname) to his new site. It was quite a big moment for Goulburn as roads were closed and power lines shut down to move him. (He stands at 15.2 m high. He is 18m long and weighs 97 tones)

Last weekend was Goulburn's 150 anniversary and to celebrate this the Goulburn branch of the NSW Knitters Guild knitted him his very own scarf. I think its amazing....Im not much of a knitter but I can imagine the hours taken to create it. As I was driving back from Canberra yesterday (From a mini show....I will post about this latter) I thought I'd drop by and snap a picture of Rambo in his scarf to share with you.
Do you have an interesting landmark near you. Don't hesitate to tell us about it in the comments section. 

Until next time...have fun mini-ing (or make it Super Big!)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Roof is on (But not complete)

 It only took one afternoon to shingle the Little Blue House roof, but I was amazed just how many shingles I would need to do the job. I started out by drawing one inch lines along the roof sides and began shingling with a full shingle. You might be able to notice in the following pictures that I would need to trim the last shingle. Again my trusty cutter came to the easy to cut.

 The completed roof will need a gable(?) of some sort to cover the glue joints. I'm quite happy with the raw timber of the shingles at the moment, however it does make the house look very new. Can anyone spot my mini mistake? In all my attempts at painting the house the front right veranda pillar missed it coats of paint. It stands out its off to the shed for a touch up.

Other than the roof I haven't done much mini-ing for myself. I have however been making some Easter Swaps for Fabiola's Easter Swap. You can check her blog at
It was the first time that I have entered a swap and I was a little nervous about it. Once my swap partners have received their gifts I'll show you what I made.

 My last two photos today are my gifts from Little Rabbit Miniatures.
I recently entered her competition to name her mini feline friend. My name "Whiskers" was chosen. I haven't had a cat of my own for many years and always thought "Whiskers" would be a good name if I had one.
Don't they look good outside the Little Blue House?

I have recently noticed that I have had many people join as followers. I haven't had a chance to thank you personally for joining but would like to thank you all


If you get a chance to comment on todays post I'd love to hear where you are from. It's great to know where you are in the world.

Well, have a terrific day...keep on mini-ing!