Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Roof is on (But not complete)

 It only took one afternoon to shingle the Little Blue House roof, but I was amazed just how many shingles I would need to do the job. I started out by drawing one inch lines along the roof sides and began shingling with a full shingle. You might be able to notice in the following pictures that I would need to trim the last shingle. Again my trusty cutter came to the easy to cut.

 The completed roof will need a gable(?) of some sort to cover the glue joints. I'm quite happy with the raw timber of the shingles at the moment, however it does make the house look very new. Can anyone spot my mini mistake? In all my attempts at painting the house the front right veranda pillar missed it coats of paint. It stands out its off to the shed for a touch up.

Other than the roof I haven't done much mini-ing for myself. I have however been making some Easter Swaps for Fabiola's Easter Swap. You can check her blog at
It was the first time that I have entered a swap and I was a little nervous about it. Once my swap partners have received their gifts I'll show you what I made.

 My last two photos today are my gifts from Little Rabbit Miniatures.
I recently entered her competition to name her mini feline friend. My name "Whiskers" was chosen. I haven't had a cat of my own for many years and always thought "Whiskers" would be a good name if I had one.
Don't they look good outside the Little Blue House?

I have recently noticed that I have had many people join as followers. I haven't had a chance to thank you personally for joining but would like to thank you all


If you get a chance to comment on todays post I'd love to hear where you are from. It's great to know where you are in the world.

Well, have a terrific day...keep on mini-ing!


  1. Your Blue house is so beautiful and your roof must have taken hours to make. Congratulations on your beautiful flowers. It is a very beautiful picture of the flowers on the porch and the sun that shines on the terrace doors. It looks totally like a life of 1-1.
    I am writing from Denmark (Copenhagen) covered in snow.

  2. creo que has hecho un gran trabajo con el tejado , y el resto se ve muy bien , esas macetas son una monada
    yo soy de Barcelona , España



  3. Your beach house is fantastic, love the shingles on the roof. I hope you don't paint it, but try to weathering it? You can make weathering water of dirty paint leftovers and use that for weathering the shingles on the roof. I love those marvellous plants!
    Thanks for commenting on my blogpost :D!! I write to you from a white The Netherlands, because it snowed yesterday, quite extreem for this time of the year!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Terrific job on the roof. The shingles look great. The building is looking lovely...whata great veranda.
    Big hug,

  5. I agree with Giac the roof is wonderfu and the plants look so pretty on the front porch.


  6. Todo es muy hermoso, el color azul y las plantas en la entrada hacen un lindo conjunto!!
    Saludos desde México!!

  7. Your roof is perfect for the beach house. I like the flowers on the porch.
    Bye Faby

  8. Your porch scene looks fantastic. The flowers look perfect on your darling beach house porch. I'm writing from green Portland, Oregon USA. xo Jennifer

  9. Your roof looks fantastic. I love the porch with the wonderful plants on it. They are perfect.
    Hugs Maria

  10. Great job on the shingles, it's coming along very nicely. The plants look perfect on the porch.

    Fi x