Friday, May 18, 2012

Sydney Miniatures Fair Part Two

Shops for your model railway scene.
Beautiful Diorama
Snow Scene

Christmas Room
As promised more photos of the fair. There were lots of great displays. (If any of these photos are of your work please let me know and I can label them correctly) 

This dining room was part of a cupboard that had been converted into a doll house. Great idea that gives you a really good sized room to furnish.

One of many shops. A very cute flower shop.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sydney Doll house and Miniatures Fair 2012 Part 1

 Last weekend my Mum and I headed off to Sydney to attend the Sydney Fair. It was the first time that I had been to this fair and I'll definitely will be going next year. I had so much fun and there were plenty of goodies to look at. I decided to go with a budget, which kept me from buying things I really didn't need. I also decided to go with the projects I'm currently doing in mind. So unless it would fit in my soon to be built Victorian House or Mum's Deli. I wasn't to buy it.

 These lovely potatoes where from a New Zealand  seller. I think they may be my favourite piece from the show. They look so real and should fit perfectly in my Victorian House.
 These are my very first purchase of Ruetter Porcelain. I've been looking at sets on eBay for ages and finally chose which pattern I would collect. I decided on the 'Blue Onion' pattern as I collect Real life sized blue and white porcelain. Mum wanted to buy me some as well so I was extra lucky to get 2 more sets.

After purchasing at the last miniature show some flowers for Mum's Shop I was really keen for some of my own. Luckily the same seller was at the Sydney show so this time I got some beautiful Iris. The added bonus was that they are in a Reutter Porcelain vase. 

I will add some pictures of some of the miniatures on display in my next post.

Happy Mothers Day to all those Mothers out there in blogland. Mum and I will celebrate with afternoon tea at the local cafe.