Monday, July 10, 2017

On holiday, so a little time for minis.

 Hello Readers,

Yes I am hopeless but unfortunately real life often does get in the way of my mini life. With my current position at work it tends to be the school holidays that I get to finally get back into mini making. My poor Victorian house gets covered over for up to ten weeks at a time and every now and then I lift its covers and say....yes one day I will get back to completing you....after all where is all that furniture going to go?

I recently bit the bullet so to speak, purchasing some miniature tiles for my house...due to the cost I could really only afford to do 3 areas. (Seriously the tiles I purchased are more expensive then the real life tiles I have in my current house....scary I know)
 The first area was the house foyer or entrance...this went pretty smoothly. I used matboard as a base and glued each tile to it. They are really bright, which has lead me to wonder...what on earth (Colour wise) am I going to put with it?

The 2nd area I tried was the bathroom...ok so I was totally clueless when it came to the border tiles but what I have is it.....I managed to pull it apart several times and had enough...note to self...never use border tiles again....I'm sure there is some sort of magic number that makes it work...but I have no clue...hopefully my fixtures can cover the multitude of mistakes.

I started the veranda far so good...very painful at the edges but I might have to have many  decorative planter boxes...I don't know....maybe I am too critical of my own skills but its never quite what I want it to look like...

I wish I could be like many of the miniature makers I talk with online...some of them throw something together fairly quickly....and make quick decisions....does anyone else agonize about every little detail?

Well back to gluing....those tiles await...

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Where did the year go?

 Hello Followers, long time no talking....yes well that is my fault as real life house building has got in the way.

One thing I have managed to do though is work on a smaller scale project. In the last few months I attended a workshop on how to build this lovely house by Red Cottage Miniatures. It's 1/24th scale and I love it. The kit comes complete with staircases, windows, doors and trims...

It is also my first attempt at using paperclay for the exterior. During the workshop I learned aging techniques as well as paint ideas.

The house also enabled me to test my lack of skill in the lighting department. I used tape wire for this project and certainly will be using it again.

Anyway as a side project I have been busy with my facebook group...If you haven''t joined already Id love to see you there.'

We now have over 5000 lovely people chatting away about their miniatures.

Talk Soon, Indypoppy