Monday, August 27, 2012

A lovely Surprise in the Mail.

Today I received some lovely gifts from Saara from . Sara sent a set of two bags and a teeny tiny paper doll set. Super cute. I love to find out more about the miniatures I receive so it was great that Saara had included some information about them. This is what she said:

They are Finnish Moomin paper bags. In real life they are used by the Arabia Ceramic Factory that also makes Moomin products such as mugs and plates. Moomins are very famous in Finland and in other countries too.

I googled the products online. They are so cute. Lots of miniature inspiration!

 Thanks Saara for the lovely gifts.
 A few weekends ago I dropped into a new cheap shop ($ shop) that had opened in the local mall. I'm always looking to see if there are any items that could be used in a miniature setting. I found this small box filled with Terracotta Warriors. My boyfriends parents had a set that I use to admire that sat on their mantle place. The set included 3 standing warriors, one that is kneeling and a small horse. I'm debating whether they should be an ornament or something else. I thought they would look great (just one or two) in my Victorian house. Possibly for the gentleman's study.  I'm moving towards having a ' Room of Curiosities'. Maybe the gentleman on the house was a famous archaeologist who discovered them.

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