Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sydney Dollhouse and Miniatures Fair: Part Two.

My Mum purchased this for me for my Hallway. Thanks Mum.

 Hello Everybody,
As promised I thought I would share with you my purchases from the fair. As I am working towards furnishing my Victorian Dollhouse I purchased with that in mind. If it wasn't from this era (or as close as I could get to this era) I wasn't buying it.

However for anyone with a vintage or modern dollhouse the Sydney fair has plenty for you too. I have to admit, it has made me think…is one dollhouse enough? I'd really like to get a vintage Triang 1930's/40's and a modern dollhouse to add to my collection. Ahh the possibilities!

Anyway to the purchases:
It's a pencil sharpener. But with a bit of paint and some records it will be perfect

A Phoenix Miniature (old stock?) Mangle for the laundry.

Parts of the white-metal kit….lots of gluing and painting ahead.

Croquet Set for the children's room.

A fresh fruit delivery. I will probably change the labels to vintage Australian ones.

Silk prints.

One of my favourite finds.  A Lidi Stroud (Basketcase Miniatures) fishing creel.
This has to be seen in person. The weaving is teeny tiny and FABULOUS!

A closer shot of the Fishing Creel.

Cruet Set

Duelling Pistols. These will need a little case. So another DIY project is on my never ending list of DIY.

I met the lovely Michelle from Michelle's Miniatures at the fair. Her books are magnificent! 

Another Phoenix Kit. Sewing Machine.

Toys for the nursery.

Handpainted by Margaret Crosswell.


  1. unas compras fantasticas



  2. I like your beautiful purchases.

  3. The wheeled toys are very cute, and I love the Margaret Crosswell bird ornament!
    I don't think one dolls house is enough, no - but I have to warn you that once you get more than one, it's a slippery slope to another, and another, and ..... I mean, if you just get a 1930s/40s house, and a modern one, what about the 50s/60s/70s? ;-)

  4. Oh! Has hecho unas compras magníficas. Son pequeños tesoros. Y ahora tienes trabajo por delante.
    Me alegro por ti.

  5. Hello Indy-Poppy,
    Wow! those are some terrific purchases. You really found some wonderful purchases...I love the mangle and the silk prints.
    Big hug,

  6. oh I love your purchases, I think my fav is the old victrola, with a bit of paint it will be perfect for your home. ( I hope you work on that one first..hint hint)

    Marisa :)

  7. Has hecho muchas compras y todas preciosas.

  8. I love all your purchases. The pull toys are so cute and I love the fishing creel it is fantastic.
    Hugs Maria

  9. These are some really lovely purchases Indy/Poppy. I know that the fair must have been a treat to attend.
    But Now it must be Playtime!:))


  10. Good evening,
    You really made some great purchases here.. I love the children's croquet set and the toys.

  11. Great choices! The basket and the porcelain really have caught my attention, but everything is great! xo Jennifer