Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chimney almost complete.

 Hello Followers,
Well its been a few busy weeks with work but I finally had a few hours spare to work on the chimney for my Victorian House.

From my last post you might remember that I decided to try my own technique to make miniature bricks. After cutting up a few hundred coffee stirrers and sticking them down I have an almost complete chimney. It needs two extra parts to be added to heighten the whole chimney so that it will be just above the roofline.

Now for a big decision. Should I used these technique for the basement or should I make it look rendered?  I probably will brick around the top part of the basement in places like below the bay window and veranda. But if I start it means hours and hours of cutting and gluing and will it look over the top?

Readers I'd appreciate your advice!
3 part chimney

A few people asked how did I do it so here is a quick how to.
STEP 1: Measure starting from the top of your item lines that are 7mm apart using a lead pencil.
STEP 2: Measure your coffee stirrers. I made my bricks 20mm or 2cm. To be to scale they should be slightly smaller but with 1000's to cut, an easier measurement saves time.
STEP 3: (Optional) If you have a cutter like my Easy cutter, you can place a piece of strong tape on it as a marker. (This trick my boyfriend came up with after looking at me measuring and cutting and measuring and cutting)
STEP 4: Check the cut edges, some might need a quick sand.
STEP 5: Start at top of piece, glue your first 20mm piece, use an old credit card or store card as a spacer. Place it between your two pieces.
STEP 5: When you get to an area where your 20mm piece is too big, cut a piece to fit.
STEP 6: You can decide on how you stagger your bricks, you might it to be uniform or slightly more staggered.
STEP 7: Coat your finished product with a mixture of wood glue and water. This well help to seal your bricks.

Well readers, I'm off to decide on the next step. Don't forget to comment on what you think I should do for the basement. I would love to hear what your ideas are.

Easy cutter with tape.

7mm spaces.