Monday, December 19, 2011

It's almost Christmas and I'm not finished!

My first attempt at miniature pies and sausage rolls. Ok so they are a little bit wobbly! I'm happier with the lolly counter. These are printies I found on the internet. Most of these are actually sold in Australia. I have to admit thought my favourite one is missing. I love Boost Bars at the moment and I have to stop buying them at the Petrol Station.

The original shop that I am basing my project on had a streets freezer as well. The logo may be familiar to you around the world but with a different name. What do they call Street's in your country?My favourite ice cream is not an icecream at all but an "icy-pole" which is frozen lemonade. Whats your favourite?

It is very close to Christmas. My project is far from finished. In my Mum's shop she had a metal bread stand for the bread but all the ones I found on the internet were not what I was after. This little wooden one will do for the moment, I might be able to add one latter.