Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cockington Green

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to convince one of my friends to go with me to Cockington Green in Canberra (Australia's Capital City) Cockington Green has been open for many years. I remember going when I was little and had fond memories of it and thought it would be good to see it again.

Almost all of the buildings have been made by the family that owns it. Most of the buildings are 1/12th scale (which is why I was extra interested in seeing their work)

Many of the houses are based on real houses in the UK.
The first house pictured is covered in what looks like ivy. It ends up that it is a miniature fig. It does look really effective growing all over the building.

A Manor House.

A very old and crooked house.

A thatched house.

Tudor Style?

A small village.

I have taken many photos so will post more soon. One of the best things about Cockington Green is the gardens. Many of the trees/shrubs look like they have been created using bonsai techniques as they look perfectly sized for the buildings. All this has almost inspired me to create a house for a garden. My mum has a lovely conifer garden that is now calling out for a little house. I probably couldn't have the house out permanately (maybe put it out at Christmas time)


  1. It looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Preciosas casas, que suerte de poder verlas!!!
    Muchas gracias por estas fotografías-
    Mil besitos...Julia

  3. Fantastic...

    Liebe Grüße

    PuNo / Monika

  4. I LOVE Cockington Green and took a million photos (more or less) when we visited a few years ago. Sadly my son 'borrowed' my SD card and I never saw it again so I'm thrilled to be able to enjoy your photos.

    The house you have marked 'Tudor Style?' I wonder if it a 'Stockbroker Tudor' so named because the large imitation Tudor houses popular in the UK and US at the same time that Art Deco was the new trend were owned by the wealthy? Here is an example once owned by John Lennon if you are interested: