Saturday, April 7, 2012

Best Easter Ever!

This week I received a fabulous gift from my boyfriend. Somehow, somewhere he found a person who had purchased a dollhouse kit whilst living in Canada. They purchased the kit from Ross' Treasure House and it is based on a Houseworks Victorian Design. (Does anyone have a house from this shop? I'd love to see the completed design) Anyway it became mine during the week!

There were 4 boxes in total.

As I started to unpack the boxes there were heaps and heaps of extras. All the doors and windows are in the pack. The wall cladding, stairs, spindles, railings, shingles are all there. There are a heap of timber bits and pieces, possibly architrave and some flooring sheets. It also looks like there might be a heap of wallpaper, enough for the whole house. (William Morris Designs)

Now all of this was pretty exciting but there was one more box to look in. It looked like a heap more house pieces. As I was pulling it out of the box a piece of paper came with it. It ends up that the original owner also purchased an optional extension. The extension is a combination of a tower kit and an extension. This means that my new house will have 12 rooms. (Very exciting). So I'll finally be able to have a decent sized kitchen, bathroom, dining room, lounge room, study, main bedroom, baby room, music room etc etc. I've always liked a house that had a turrett, and I've finally got one (even if it is in a million bits)

Part of the wiring kit was also in there so I'll have to buy a few bits for it.


  1. I hope my links work. The books states it can be one of three houses:

  2. Wonderful gifts. You're lucky!
    Bye Faby

  3. `Congratulations on you fantastic gift. You have a husband in a million ;) Cant wait to see mooore : D
    Hugs Maria

  4. This looks a wonderful house, lucky you - I am sure you will enjoy putting it together.