Saturday, April 21, 2012

Playing with bottles.

I found a couple of tutorials on the net on how to make miniature perfume bottles and I thought I'd have a go. I decided to use a couple of jewelry bits and pieces. I'm trying superglue first to see if it works. I'm a little concerned that it has left some white residue near the glue site. I've left them to dry before I trim them.


  1. Las perlas son muy bonitas, te quedarán unos perfumes preciosos.
    Es cierto lo que dices, a mi aveces se me ha quedado una pequeña mancha blanca del pegamento, pero después no se nota.
    Feliz semana y mil besos...Julia.

  2. E' divertente lavorare con le perle per farne delle preziose bottigliette di profumo. Queste perle sono molto belle.
    Ciao Faby

  3. Oooh, I can't wait to see them finished!

    New follower here!

    I'm just starting into miniatures myself... in 1/6th scale... and your blog is a wonderful place to find inspiration!

  4. I wish I were doing a bedroom those would be perfect, don't forget to email me, you have won my give away an I need your address

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