Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Blue House. Almost complete.

 Over the last week I have been working on my little kit house. I'm still a little unsure what the theme of the house will be but I found a little tube of blue sample paint and I knew straight away that it must be blue. I was really surprised to find that the itty bitty sample I brought actually went so far and it was super cheap ($3.50AUD)

 I started by painting everything with undercoat just like a real house and I'm glad that I did as the board soaked up the paint very quickly. The house required 3 coats to get a nice finish.
 As I'm unable to get to my favourite miniature shop to get wallpaper I thought I'd try some scrapbook paper. It went on well but I did make some paper templates before I cut the real thing. It wasn't quite long enough so there is a join (hopefully not too noticeable?)
 Inside I need to put architrave around the window and door to finish it.
 The roof....well...its another story. The kit came with a very plain mdf panel. I'm hoping to use this but will add shingles. So its off to ebay for me to see if I can find some.
 I thought I'd share with you my new gadget. It's a Midwest Products 'Easy Cutter'. When I was last at the local miniature shop I discovered these and asked "Do they actually work?" The shop owner swore by them and she was right. They are super easy to use and can cut lots of angles. For the window architrave they cut a perfect 45 degree angle. They work just like scissors. Too easy!

So does anyone in blogland have some suggestions for my little house? What should I turn it in to?

For my blog friends in Australia I hope that the summer bushfire season has been kind to you and that you are all safe and sound. Where I live in NSW we had what the Fire Service calls "Catastrophic Conditions". With one fire only 4 kms away on Tuesday it was a bit scary. Luckily they got it out really quickly!


  1. creo que esa casa va muy bien y el color que has elegido es precioso, yo no tengo esa herramienta pero tambien me han hablado muy bien de ella



  2. I love the shade of blue. So restful. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of it!


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  4. It is an exciting project you have started in. I love the house. You can online, find many free wallpaper. I am looking forward to see how you will decorate the house.
    Have a nice weekend.


  5. This house looks wonderful.
    I like the colors and I'm curious to see more.
    Bye Faby

  6. I think it looks wonderful :)


  7. Love the blue, it makes this house look very 'vintage beach holiday cottage'.

  8. It is a really cute kit and I love your colour choice. Susan's idea sounds great but it might need a little 'aging'. So far we a haven't had any bushfires in the Wyong area and I am hoping the worst is over for the season, I am always concerned for the wildlife.

  9. El color elegido me encanta,me recuerda las casas de la playa,es un tono muy fresco!!!! Ya la tienes bien avanzada,la tijera cortadora es estupenda,yo también la tengo y me encanta!!!
    Intrigada por saber que ambiente le darás!!

  10. Замечательный проект!
    С удовольствием посмотрю продолжение!
    Ах какой волшебный инструмент!!!! Теперь не буду спать ночью:):):):)

  11. Es una casa muy bonita y con esa cortadora te resultará más fácil, aunque son cosas delicadas y hay que saber hacerlas.
    Que ganas de ver la decoración interior.
    Un abrazo

  12. Que fantastico trabajo estas haciendo con la casita.
    Yo tengo tambien esas tijeras y me han ayudado mucho.
    Espero que pase pronto lo de los incendios.
    besitos ascension

  13. I think it would make a beautiful little craft store/room, office/library or flower shop.

  14. Greetings from Vancouver Canada,
    When you asked what you should use your little blue house for I began searching for a photo of a workers cottage, set above the ocean, that is now rented as a holiday cottage. I think there were three cottages each painted a different colour - somewhere near Shoalhaven south of Sydney Au.
    My search is not over. I know it is hard to believe but I have spent some hours on it!

    A cottage is the first choice but a little store would be charming too. I wonder what things you have already collected to put into it?
    regards Janine

    1. WOW. I love your enthusiasm. Everytime I look at the little house I to think of the beach. I have pretty much nothing to put in it. I had a stove I thought would be perfect to have a little kitchen, but alas it takes up way too much room and looks ridiculous. I thought maybe a a bedsit.

  15. Check out the sweet little kitchen that Mercedes made in her tiny house.

  16. Good Morning Indy_Poppy,
    Success at last! No one could believe the circles I went around to find this.
    The workers cottages converted to rental accommodation are: - another strange thing is that the street address name is the same as my middle son's name.

    We visited this area during five months meandering about in 2010/2011. I did not see inside the cottages but when you drive by you can see them above the road. I thought they must have had wonderful views of the water. Each one is painted a different colour.

    The first one is blue with a verandah - so I think you can see how it reminded me of your little building.

    Have fun with your project. Will visit again soon.

    1. Wow Janine, Your research is fabulous. Those cottages look just like my little cottage! Funny thing is that my real life house is only about 1hr and a half away from them! Perhaps I need to go on a road trip to see them in person!

  17. Hi, Strange, I imagined you in Victoria! Hyams Beach is worth a visit - although you have so many beaches that are wonderful.
    Your Kangaroo Valley area is amazing as well. So much to see in this world. Australia is so easy to travel!
    Madly trying to make roses for a climbing rose bush. Easier to do vegetables but I am so easily distracted.
    Regards Janine

  18. I saw on the left-hand side the picture of the giveaway you won from me and it says "in mail". It makes me think if you have got it? Let me know, I shipped it last year, lol...

    1. Hello Natalia, no it hasn't arrived yet. I thought it may have been delayed by the Christmas mail. I'll check the mail today.

  19. El kit es fabuloso!!! A mi me encantaría hacer una recamara de playa!! Seguiré muy de cerca sus avances seguro sera muy lindo!!

  20. Hi there,

    It's nice to find another Australian, sorry to hear the fires came so close to you that must have been scary.We are all good down here in Melbourne, it has been very hot but today has turned cold......hooray!

    I love your little cottage, I like Janines idea of the holiday cottage. The first thing that came to my mind was a boat shed. We have lots of them that look just like that here on our beach. They don't have the windows down the side but otherwise are the same. I even saw something on TV last week were they had boat houses in what I think was either Brighton beach in England or The Hampton's in the U.S I'm scratching my head trying to think where it was. Any way, people down here really deck them out and some even have beds and ovens in them.

    Goodness me, that was a bit of an essay. Good luck with it any way, i look forward to following.

    ML Fi xx

    1. Thanks for your comment...I love the little ones in Victoria they are super cute. Thanks for the ideas, I'll check them out...I've never heard of Southwold, it sounds interesting.

  21. Back again.
    I found were it was I saw the beach huts. If you google Southwold beach huts and go to images there are loads of pictures.

    Southwold is in the UK

    Fi x