Monday, September 21, 2015

3D Printing...The next Generation Minis.

I have noticed a few people who are designing their own minis and wondered how do they do it? Well the answer is 3D printing.  With this  additive manufacturing process if you think it you can make it!
I have been investigating the idea of a 3D printer since I purchased my digital vinyl/paper cutter. As I found it so easy to use. But after much looking I decided that owning my own printer is definitely out of my price range at the moment. ($1400 is a lot, and imagine how many minis I could buy for that!) So what are my options?
Well I found an online store that could offer me the best of both worlds. I can get my own designs made or I can purchase other people's lovely work. If you haven't visited this site before here it is :
http://www.shapeways.comUsing the information from the Shapeways site I did have a quick go at designing a small piece. A small wall panel part that could be used  in modern scenes. I used a free online program which allowed me in under 3 mins create a fairly quick attempt. (I'm sure if I spent more time on it, I could achieve much better results) It was fairly easy to use.  I do like the idea of making something that is one of a kind. If I spent more time on it, I would create slightly larger opening or shelves that you could sit your mini art pieces onto. As you can see, I'm well away from creating such custom pieces as you see below. (But you've got to start somewhere right?)

As you know from previous posts I have started a collection of 1/12th modern furniture, my main problem has been cost. I almost fell over when I purchased a chair at the miniature fair. (Did I really pay $!! for it?) After looking for a while on the shapeways are a few of my wish list items.

My first picks are mainly furniture, but it got me thinking.....

I have always thought of making my boyfriend a mechanic's room box. Look at these lovelies that I

could use for it!

One thing that I would like to explore is 3D printed animals. I have absolutely no idea on how to go about it but would love to have a 1/12th version of my "fur kids" especially the ones that are no longer with me.

Ksenia agrees with me "Who wouldn't want a 1/12th scale Border Terrier for their house?"

Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone who has actually gone ahead and printed something. Or what items that you think you would like to have a go at printing. The possibilities are truly endless.
Talk soon, IndyPoppy


  1. Hi Indy-Poppy! Can't say that I know much about 3D printing but there are lots of savvy bloggers who Do! Modern minis have been gaining more and more ground in popularity, not to mention plenty of experimenting with the newest in technology. Shapeways is very popular venue for 3D printing and I am excited that you too have discovered it, as they can reproduce not only high end Urban designs in miniature, but also the more traditional styles as well. I know that you will have loads of fun exploring! :D


  2. Hello Indy Poppy,
    Sorry, I've never used the 3d printer. It is something that I would like to use eventually, but if truth be told I like drawing by hand. Good luck with your experimenting!
    Big hug

  3. Hi IndyPoppy, I've hired a designer on Shapeways before which was my first dip into 3D printing. The item came out really well but the costs involved with a designer are high. I have total respect for you designing something for yourself. I bet with a little experimenting you could design mini animals in no time. Good luck and I hope to see your shop on there soon =0)

  4. I've never used the 3D printer, but I think is a fantastic invention. Good fun!

  5. Debe ser interesante usar una impresora 3D pero por ahora no está a mi alcance.