Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Bargain?

 Hello Readers,
I have always wanted a power tool of my own so I finally bit the bullet and purchased one. On a few blogs and forum posts people mentioned using a scroll saw to make miniatures. After a bit of research I thought I'd look into it.

Many of our hardware shops in Australia sell cut priced scroll the question I go with a cheaper one or do I go for something a little bit more pricey. After seeing (and HEARING....add swear words here!!!!) my boyfriend use cheaper power tools that failed within a few hours of use I a bit more and so I did.

So here is my new "baby" a Makita scroll saw. I had a quick go this afternoon and WOW, I was so impressed! NO TIMBER IS SAFE!!!!!!!

I know it won't be able to cut really small stuff, however for the items I want to make I think it will be great.
 Now to my cheaper find this week. I was looking for a cheap supply of timber and thought...what about an old timber blind. So with this in mind I was off to our closest recycling centre and found this beauty for $5. As you can see I have already pulled it apart, ready to use.
The timber is about 5cm wide and only a few mm thick which I thought would be great to use for my kitchen cabinets, bookshelves and other items.

If you have any ideas of what I could use it for...let me know.

Time to experiment!!!!!!

PS. Thought Id share with you a quick photo from a recent visit to Australia's capital city, Canberra. Each year they have a spring festival called Floride. They plant thousands of tulips. Here's just one of the many photos I took.


  1. Has hecho unas grandes compras!!! La sierra te va a ser de gran ayuda y estoy segura que con esas maderas podrás hacer multitud de cosas,poco a poco se te irán ocurriendo grandes proyectos!!!!

  2. Hello Indy
    Good tools make the job so much easier. Great purchases and a great idea to use the blind for supplies. Your picture is just wonderful...definitely on my places to visit list.
    Big hug,

  3. О, замечательное приобретение! Это большое подспорье для мастера!
    Какая красивая природа! Облака отражаются в воде! Чудесно!

  4. ¡Estupenda compra! seguro que vas a disfrutar mucho con ella y sobre todo te van a resultar muy fáciles y rápidos algunos trabajos.
    La foto de Camberra me parece estupenda.

  5. Fantastic! I have been thinking of buying one of these myself lately. I think after you hand cut so many items it becomes a good idea in the long run!

    I look forward to bits of furniture and scrolled designs from you now ;)

  6. I think the scroll saw is a great investment Indy - Makita is a very good company. There are so many scroll patterns for you to try and of course it will be great for cutting all of your wood pieces. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it =0)

  7. Wow! I think I need that Makita tool!:) Just need to for this item.

  8. That's a great tool from a really good brand, you'll be making many mini's on that one. The blinds are a very good deal for cheap wood. I have saved my old ones too and I use them now and then. They have a fine grain which is perfect for miniatures. The last time I used them was to make floor boards. Simple but good.