Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Mini Mini!

 Hello everybody,
This week saw a little more completed on the Victorian House. The front is almost up to the point that I can start to clad it. Again we had a few issues to deal with as more pieces were found to be missing.
My next picture shows what windows that were included in the kit. So many windows to least they are made so that you can take the "glass" out first.
I also finally decided on the fireplaces for the house. As I was so happy with the result of my purchase from Phoenix that I bought these from them also. I  think they will work well, but I was a little disappointed that one got bent in the mail... seriously you have got to wonder if there are elephants jumping on any mailbox.
I'm now stuck on what surround to use...eeek so much to choose from..
 My next photo is of one of my (well not really mine....but my boyfriends) new mini model. My Mum knows how much my boyfriend is into Mini's so when she went to the UK she came back with this. At first glance I had thought...well its super cute...lots of detail...let's get it out of the box! But no, alas my boyfriend says it has to stay in its box! After lots of pleading, he said I could get the tools out...but everything else had to stay in "mint condition".

Mum then went on to say that it happened to be in a dollhouse shop. Interesting I thought...then on the box...there was the magic's 1/12th.....a Dollhouse sized Mini!
 It has lots of teeny working details....the door handles work etc etc.

Anyway...I wish I could get it out of the box....I'm now thinking it needs its own garage to be housed in. Perhaps if I make one my boyfriend might be persuaded to release it from captivity!

Does anyone else know someone who likes to keep things in original condition or are you like me...that you feel the need for it to be played with...complete with "brmmm brmmm" sound effects?

Beep Beep....IndyPoppy


  1. The house is coming along great! I appreciate keeping things in good condition. But I can play very carefully!..soooo... vroom vroom ;P

  2. Hi!
    The House is going to be gorgeous!
    Love the car also... ;)

  3. The house looks wonderful.
    I really like your mini Mini. A garage is a good idea.
    Hug, Faby

  4. The car is wonderful, the house looks so fine.

  5. Veo que la fachada se va terminando poco a poco....
    Yo creo que las cosas hay que disfrutarlas, poderlas coger y admirarlas con mucho cuidado.

  6. Wow a MINI car, how lovely and it is so much detailed, what fun to play with, Indy ;)! The house is coming along great!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. I love the car =) I want one too ;) But I have a very hard time opening boxes.. If something is in a box, it might just have to stay there.. =) but we can be really careful, right ;)

  8. Love the house, and yes, it Is difficult to find a fireplace you like. I like the one in the picture though!
    That mini is a wow-er. And the tiny doorhandles even work, you say? Say no more, I am in love.......

  9. I definitely like to keep things out and use them! What good is it stuck in a box? Your house is looking great!


  10. if I were you I'd ask my Mum to buy him another one so you can use that one for the new mini garage you plan on building *hint hint*

    Marisa ;)

  11. La fachada es bonita y el revestimiento quedarás estupendo. Ya lo es y aún no está pintado.

  12. I like to play but keep the box. ;-) Vroom vroom! xo Jennifer