Sunday, September 29, 2013


Back of house with cladding completed to main house
This week saw more progress on the house. In order to clad the entire house both the front doors needed to be attached. I started this week by cladding the back wall. The cladding was relatively easy to use as it comes with a pre cut rebate so that each piece sits perfectly on the next. It is easily cut also with my super dollhouse scissors.
Can you see the little hinges?
As you can see from my title for this weeks post, we had a few issues with the hinges. At first we thought that we could use a 30cm piano hinge. After placing and attaching it to the front of the house we found we had a problem. The door seemed to drop badly out of alignment and had a bit of a wobble. Probably not a problem except we thought if it has a wobble wobbly would it be with cladding and doors and windows...EEKKKK... time to try another hinge.
After a trip to the hardware we found 3 semi industrial hinges per door. After measuring..thinking an measuring again we put them in. Who would have thought that a small hinge would be so much more stable than a giant one.
As you can see the cladding has various  colours. Which doesn't matter as I plan to paint it anyway.

Another shot of the hinges. We had to put a small rebate in the tower so that it sat snugly against the main house. The cladding will cover it so on this side you won't even see the door hinges.

Side shot.

Tower roof being glued. Dewalt power tools again being used for their original put some weight on it.

Another side on shot.
I'm pretty pleased with the process so far...I unfortunately think though that I definitely suffer from "Mini-itis" as soon as I complete a step...I'm thinking about at least the next ten steps I'd like to do.
I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering from this condition. I'd love to hear about your projects that you have become obsessed with.



  1. You know I really like that cladding as it is, even if the colours aren't an exact match. It looks modern and suits the shape of the house. I'm biased though...=0)

  2. Your project is looking amazing! I agree with pepper that the siding looks pretty interesting, I could see it being stained wood siding with great patterns. Painted will be lovely also ;)

  3. You do such beautiful work! Looking forward to more photos.

    1. Thanks Penny, I hope to post some more photos of the siding latter in the week.

  4. Nice work! I really like the facade

    1. Thanks Hannah, it is definitely keeping me busy.

  5. Hi Indy,

    I get pretty obsessed, too! Right now I'm working/obsessed on my Little Free Library which is styled after my 'RL' 1908 bungalow. I love your mini siding --may I ask where you got it?


    1. Hi John,
      The siding came with the kit, but is from Ross's Treasure House (Canada). It's been really good...and I hope to buy some more as I'm sure with all my additions I'm not going to have quite enough.

  6. Wow I love what I see here. It's going to be a gorgeous house. I'll love to follow your progress. You already did a great job.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thanks Drora, I've been trying to get as much as I can done. I really want to start on the inside decoration.

  7. Hi:
    Your facade is coming out modern looking! :) Love it!
    Can't wait to see more!

  8. It does look very "new" looking, hopefully the Victorian windows will age it a little.

  9. I enjoy watching your progress. It is looking gorgeous already! xo Jennifer

  10. The cladding is lovely, I have to say, I like it as is. It's a lovely house, I have house envy......... Mini-itis. I have it terminally, I am all over the place, first in the bedroom, then in the living room, etc. :D Everything lies about in various states of UNFINISHED, and stays that way for months, even years........ :D